Three Things To Consider When Deciding How Much To Save For Retirement

Many individuals have a specific monetary goal for their retirement savings. You can use an online calculator to determine what goal you should have for your retirement fund, or you can utilize the services of a qualified financial planner. When deciding how much to save for retirement, keep the following details in mind. 1. Will your home be paid off? A mortgage payment is one of the largest monthly expenses for many retirees. [Read More]

Paying It Forward — 5 Steps To Add Charitable Giving To Your Financial Plan

For many people, charitable giving is an important part of their overall plan to make the most out of having wealth to manage. As you meet with your financial planner, donations, and charity support should be part of your discussions and plans.  Here are 5 steps to plan how you will give away your money. 1. Set Priorities. First off, sit down as a family or individually and decide what values are the most important for you. [Read More]

3 Budget Tips for Financial Freedom

Money earned can very easily be spent, and usually is. Spending all of your hard earned money may buy you things you want, but all of that spending won't help you if you have a financial emergency. You should budget your money so that you have money leftover for an emergency fund, money for retirement and money for other things as well. See below for budgeting tips to help you gain financial freedom. [Read More]

If You're Not Satisfied With Your Employer's Retirement Offerings, What Are Your Options?

While you may be concerned about reports that fewer than half of all U.S. employees with access to a 401(k) take advantage of this pre-tax savings option, in many cases, the 401(k) investments and match offerings aren't appealing enough to spur you to invest. If you don't want to be stuck paying high fees for unsatisfactory mutual funds, do you have any other options when it comes to investing for your retirement? Read on to learn more about some of your alternatives if you're not happy with your employer's current retirement savings options: [Read More]