4 Reasons To Consider An Annuity For Your Recent Inheritance

Did you recently come into a large lump-sum of money via an inheritance? If so, you may now have questions about what you should do with the money. You have a wide range of options and investment choices available, so it's important that you consider each option carefully. One option you may want to consider is a deferred annuity. An annuity is a product that's offered by a life insurance company. [Read More]

Two Questions To Ask A Nearby Family Member To Help With Responsibly Reducing Long Term Care Insurance Costs

Having a nearby family member to supplement any long term care you'll need in your old age is a great way to reduce insurance premiums. As long as you and your family member are on the same page, you can pick and choose the coverage you buy so that you're only paying for specialized medical care. But while you're figuring out how to responsibly reduce long term care insurance costs to free up your budget for other things like retirement investments, it's important to ask your family member these two questions. [Read More]

Different Ways To Invest In Real Estate For The Novice

If you have just received some money from a settlement, lottery winnings, or an inheritance, you may wonder how to invest it wisely to give you some security. You may have heard that investing in real estate can be a good idea but don't know how. Even if your windfall is not a huge amount of money there are ways to get started in real estate with modest amounts. Two Basic Paths [Read More]

Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist FAQ

There are many different job positions in the world of finance. One of these careers is in mergers and acquisitions. Read on to learn some frequently asked questions about a career as an M&A specialist. 1. What is "Mergers and Acquisitions"? Mergers and Acquisitions, also known as M&A, is a type of strategic finance planning that involves the buying and merging of various companies in order to increase the new company's value. [Read More]